Throw your merriest yet tacky Christmas sweater party without becoming a mean old Grinch

With the holiday season upon us gatherings of family and friends, celebrations, and good food is a must. Plus, what other excuse is needed to get everyone together, munch on holiday treats and toast to another great holiday season. It seems to be a common trend among recent years to celebrate the season with a holiday tradition of a tacky Christmas sweater party. When throwing this years sweater party you want to make sure not to break the bank leaving that dent in your wallet especially if you haven’t quite finished buying those last minute Christmas gifts. So with our help we would like to shed some tips on ways to throw the best tacky Christmas sweater party on a decent affordable budget.

First things first, plan ahead.

Planning is a great way to figure out whom you are thinking about inviting, how much you are willing to spend and what ways you’d like to spruce your place up for the festivities. Give yourself enough time and idea of how much you want to spend for this tacky yet fun party of yours. The last thing you want to do is stress out so make sure to give yourself enough time to think about your concept and remember to have fun! Because we all know, nobody wants that holiday Scrooge around.

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Send out those invites!

Depending on when you would like to throw your festive shindig you want to make sure to send out the invitations accordingly. There are plenty of ways you can choose to send out invites. There is the good ole fashion way through mail, or if you want to save the time and cost go ahead and use websites like Facebook, Evite, Smilebox and others that will get the job done. Nevertheless, you could also choose to spread the word by using that trusty smartphone via mass text message. When sending out the invites make sure to be quick to the point and that your theme is known. You want your guest to know that a “tacky” sweater is a must.


Hang up that holly!

After the invites are sent out, now the fun part begins. Time to think about special décor and party supplies that will brighten up your place for that awesome party of yours. Since we are trying not to break your budget find places like Amazon, Overstock, local dollar stores and other affordable places that can shine that holiday cheer throughout your home. If you are feeling really crafty this year, check out Pinterest for some DIY projects and tutorials that would fit perfectly for your themed party. Get creative with your ideas. You want to make sure your guests are having a great time. With just a quick search on the interwebs you are sure to find those perfect ideas that can set your party on its way. By adding a photo booth or themed games you are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Also, depending on the location of your party, there are all sorts of indoor fun grownups can have. If you have the space for it, check out local bounce house rental places like Bounce houses can bring that certain appeal that can spark that childhood fun you use to remember back in the day. Plus, who says grownups can’t let loose and be one with their childhood self for a day?


Because everyone loves those holiday treats

With great parties, come great treats. Lets face it; lots of your guests will want to indulge in some holiday snacks and desserts. When hosting a party you want to make sure your guests are well fed and entertained. Come up with a menu that you have set out within your budget. If you want to get in touch with your Martha Stewart side, then by all means do so. Plus, it would add for a great conversation starter if you have set out some yummy treats that look like reindeers of some sort. Remember you are inviting people over for some holiday fun; so don’t be “tacky” by asking your guest to bring food. You are the host; it’s your responsibility to supply snacks for your festivity. Other great ideas would include finding a few drink recipes that can liven up the party. After all don’t we all want to be rocking around the Christmas tree with some tasty eggnog in our hands at the end of the night?

Stay tacky my friends

Ah, the Pièce De Résistance! What’s a tacky Christmas sweater party without a sweater? Nowadays there are plenty of places to find that tacky yet awesome sweater that will have all your friends talking. First check out local franchise stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Macy’s who should have plenty of stocked sweaters at a decent price. You can also choose to go a cheaper route and make your own tacky sweater. Places like Walgreens and Hobby Lobby sell Tacky Sweater Kits. If you are having a hard time finding something in stores, online browsing is the way to go. With a quick Google search you can find places like,,, Amazon, Etsy and Just remember folks, the tackier the better!


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