Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How safe is jumping in your bounce houses and using water slides?
How clean are your bounce houses?
What if the bounce house deflates during my event?
Does Jump City have insurance and is Jump City state-licensed?
Can you over inflate a bounce house?
What are bounce houses/inflatables made of?
What are your safety rules/regulations?



Do you just have bounce house inflatables to rent?
Why should I choose Jump City?
How big are the bounce houses and inflatables and how much space do they need to set up?
How many people can use a bounce house at one time?
Is it possible to use a water slide without water?
Can adults use a bounce house, water slides, or other inflatables?
Can a bounce house get wet?
How much electricity do I need to power a bounce house or other inflatable rental?
Does Jump City rent generators?
Does Jump City offer any specials or discounts?
Can Jump City provide inflatables and bounce houses for commercial use (i.e. churches, schools, nonprofits, business openings, etc.)?


Delivery & Pickup

Where are your service areas?
Do you charge to set up and/or delivery?
What type of events are bounce houses and inflatables good for?
What is your minimum order for delivery?
Do you allow customer pickups?
When do you set up and pick up your inflatable bounce houses and/or water slides?
Can inflatables be set up at a park?
Can an inflatable rental be set up indoors?
What surfaces can you set up inflatables on?
Am I responsible if the unit gets torn or damaged?
Are tips required for bounce house delivery?
Do I need to clean the bounce house before pick up?



How can I reserve a bounce house today?
What forms of payments do you accept?
Does the price of inflatable bounce house and/or water slide rental include set up and delivery?
What is your cancellation policy?
What are your policies for inclement weather?
How far in advance should I reserve a jump house or other inflatable?
Do you require a deposit?
Can I keep the equipment overnight?
What is the minimum time I can rent? What is the maximum?


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