Cool Off With a Summer Fun Snow Cone Party

There’s no better way to beat the heat than with an icy treat like a snow cone! As a kid, you may have gotten your snow cones from a cart or truck, but it’s actually pretty easy to make them yourself at home. So why not invite a bunch of friends over and throw a big snow cone party to celebrate the last days of summer?

Here are all the things you’ll need to put together the coolest snow cone party!

Icy Invitations


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Invitations set the tone and theme for a party, so make sure yours stand out! To impress your guests with your crafting skills, you can make your own snow cone invites out of cardstock and mini styrofoam balls.

If you don’t have enough time to break out your glue gun, that’s ok! Buy some readymade invitations instead. They’ll still fit the theme and get your guests excited for the party!

Cool Decorations


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Besides the snow cones themselves, the thing that will really drive home the theme of this party is the decorations. We like this DIY snow cone garland because it’s easy to make and adorable. String it up in your backyard along with some fairy lights to set the mood for the party!

The rest of the decorations should be colorful and bright, just like shaved ice! Pick up some colorful balloons, tablecloths, napkins and these cute snow cone plates. Hang up some snow cone flags around your backyard too for some extra pops of color.

A Refreshing Menu


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On a hot day, nobody wants to eat a heavy meal. Your menu should focus on refreshing summer favorites.

If you want to offer your guests some barbeque fare, try serving lighter versions of classics burgers.

Now that you have dinner sorted out, it’s time for dessert!

The Perfect Snow Cone Bar with Homemade Syrup


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No snow cone party is complete without a shaved ice bar! You don’t have to buy any special equipment to put yours together. You can rent your very own snow cone machine for the day. and make homemade syrup out of Kool-Aid packets or fresh fruit. You can even make some boozy snow cone syrups like limoncello and grapefruit tequila for all the adults in attendance.

To assemble your snow cone bar, layout some spoons, snow cone cups, and napkins on a table with the shaved ice and syrup. You can serve the shaved ice out of an insulated bowl to keep it cool. Make sure that you shave the ice right before you serve it—storing it in the freezer for later will just turn it into a solid block of ice.

Games and Activities


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After eating a few sugary snow cones, your kids are going to need to burn off some energy! Games like freeze tag and musical chairs are a great way to get kids and adults moving. You can also string up a snow cone piñata and let everyone take turns hitting it to get out some energy!

Bounce houses and water slides are always a hit at summer parties too. They’ll get your kids running around and having fun!

Themed Party Favors


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The best way to wrap up your party is by handing out some party favors! You can’t send your guests home with real snow cones, but you can give them a goodie bag filled with these snow cone sugar cookies and some shaved ice stickers.

You can also buy snow cone flavored lip balm, or make some yourself. Throw in some homemade scented snow cone soap and you’ll have a goodie bag that your guests won’t forget!

Now that you know how to plan the perfect snow cone party, are you going to throw one to celebrate the end of summer?

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