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7 Fun Party Games Kids Can Play in a Bounce House

Bounce houses are the perfect accompaniment to any child’s birthday party. The next time your kiddo has a birthday or celebratory occasion coming up, add to the excitement by planning some of these fun party games for them to play … inside the bounce house! Yes, add to the fun with even more fun! You’ll keep all of the kids engaged, and create a party that will be the talk of your neighborhood.

Don’t forget to keep our safety guidelines in mind as you plan and play these games.

1. Capture the Flag

Take this playground classic and move it into one of our bounce houses for maximum fun! You’ll have a giggle as you watch the kids bounce around trying to grab each other’s streamers.

Divide the kids into two teams and assign a color to each. You’ll need a few streamers in two different colors (one color for each team) and two different “flags,” one for each team to try to capture from the other team. If you don’t have a typical flag, choose something fun that you might have one hand like a balloon or a ball.

The goal is for team members to try to grab streamers from the opposing team members and capture their flag. The winning team is the one with the most streamers from the opposing team and their flag.

2. Red Light, Green Light

Have fun with this classic game by changing it up a bit for maximum fun.

You can get creative by suggesting the kiddos bounce like their favorite animal when you yell “Green light!” Or suggest an animal and have them hop like a kangaroo, prance like a pony, or leap like a frog. Then, see if they can freeze in place without falling over when you shout “Red light!”

It will be a guaranteed giggle-fest as they try to wobble to a stop without tumbling over.

3. Bounce and Tumble Races

A running race gets a little more wild and more fun when you have it inside a bounce house!

You can have kids race on their own or pair kids up and have them run as a team. This is a good way to teach little ones about teamwork.

Or you can switch it up and have them walk like a specific animal for the races like a leap frog race or a bunny hop race. Please note, we highly discourage flips and untruly play.

This is a good way for the kiddos to use up all their energy before the party is over. They will go home so tired from all the fun that their parents will be thanking you for days!

4. VolleyBalloon Bounce

Like volleyball, only with balloons and no net!

First, divide the kiddos into two teams and give each a different colored balloon. The goal is for the kids to hit their balloon over to the other team without popping it or they can play until the balloon hits the floor of the bounce house. See how long they can keep the volleyball balloon going.

You can even add more balloons for a volley balloon frenzy as the kids try to keep all the balloons in the air and not let any of them pop or drop on the floor.

5. Musical Freeze Bounce

Musical Chairs just got a makeover with this fun switch-up.

While the music is playing, the kids get to have their own bouncing dance party. Then, when the music stops, tell them to try to freeze in place without falling over. Whoever falls over or keeps moving is eliminated then start the next round and so on until the last kid standing is the winner!

6. Bouncy Balloon Attack

Double the bounce equals double the fun!

First, fill your bounce house with dozens of colorful balloons. Then, divide your party goers into two teams and decide on a mid-way point for each team’s side. Have them stand across from each other on either side of the bounce house.

Then, when you say, “Go!” team members try to throw all of the balloons on the other team’s side. Set a timer for 30 seconds. The team with the least amount of balloons on their side when the timer goes off wins!

7. Dodgeball

Kids love dodgeball but it can get a little too wild when played in the house or even in the backyard. Say hello to the new dodgeball in your neighbor’s yard or into your own window. No thank you! When you move a game of dodgeball into an inflatable bounce house, there’s a lot less opportunity for something to get broken!

Just like in the original game, when someone gets hit with the dodgeball, they are out and they have to exit the bounce house. The last kid left in the bounce house wins!

To make sure everyone is safe try using smaller, softer balls and telling kids only to aim at the arms or legs.

More Bounce-able Fun

With dozens of inflatables to choose from, including our combo bounce houses, water slides, dry slides, and inflatable games, you are bound to find a favorite character or theme for your child’s next birthday.

You can even rent extra tables and chairs for your party, to make sure there are plenty of places for the adults to sit while the kiddos bounce away to their heart’s content!

Contact us today to reserve one of our inflatable bounce houses for your child’s next birthday.

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