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Spooky Fun Halloween Games for the Family To Play All October

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to pick out your kid’s costume (and yours) and figure out how your family going to celebrate the holiday this year. Luckily, while Halloween is just one day, celebrating Halloween can be done all October long! Below are 10 of our favorite spooky fun games and activities to help you plan a fun-filled Halloween month for your family. 


Pumpkin Hunt 

variety of pumpkins on atable

Credit: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

If your kids enjoy Easter egg hunts, they’ll love searching for pumpkins this Halloween. Hide some mini pumpkins around your home or backyard and challenge your kids to work together and find them all. You could even attach pieces of candy to the pumpkins to give your kids a sweet treat. 


Candy Guessing Game 

jar of candy pieces on a table

Credit: Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels

This candy guessing game allows your kids to celebrate Halloween while practicing their estimation skills. All you have to do is fill up a clear jar with candy or popcorn from one of our machines if you want to reduce your children’s sugar intake.

Ask your kids to estimate how many pieces of candy or popcorn kernels are inside and write their guesses down. Whoever guesses the right number or gets closest wins. After the game is over, you can all crack into the jar and enjoy a snack together!


Pass the Pumpkin 

two kids dressed in black holding carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns

Credit: olia danilevich

Make a simple game of hot potato more festive by passing around a pumpkin and playing spooky Halloween tunes. 


Wrap the Mummy 

two kids dressed up as mummies for Halloween

Credit: Daisy Anderson

Wrap the mummy is a fun game for kids of all ages that will teach them the value of teamwork. Split your kids up into two groups and pick one person from each team to be the mummy. Give both teams a roll of toilet paper and see which group can wrap up their mummy and use all their toilet paper the fastest. As an alternative to toilet paper, consider a few scarves each, a long piece of cloth, or even a large blanket.


Worm and Eyeball Dig 

Halloween spaghetti with plastic eyeballs

Credit: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Instead of bobbing for apples, try digging for eyeballs this Halloween! Place a dozen candy or plastic eyeballs in a big bowl of spaghetti noodles or gummy worms. Then, blindfold your kids and let them take turns searching through the “worms” to see who can find the most eyeballs in one minute. 


Halloween Charades

little girl dressed up for Halloween as a witch

Credit: Daisy Anderson

This game of Halloween charades from Buggy and Buddy is a great bonding activity for the whole family. It includes fun, festive clues like ghost, witch, and pumpkin that you’ll have a blast acting out. 


Pin the Spider on the Web 

spider web

Credit: Karolina Grabowska

In this festive version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, your kids will take turns trying to stick spiders to a web while blindfolded. If you want to make the game extra challenging, spin each player around a few times so it’s even harder to locate the spider web. 


Spooky Cupcake Decorating Contest 

Halloween decorated cupcakes on a wooden table

Credit: Monstera on Pexels

Challenge your family to a Halloween decorating contest and see who can create the spookiest cupcake. Set out decorations like orange icing, sprinkles, candy eyeballs, licorice, and cotton candy from one of our machines. Give everyone fifteen minutes to transform their cupcake into a ghoulish treat and take a vote to decide whose is the best. 


Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling 

Halloween pumpkin bowling

Credit: I Dig Pinterest

You can bowl at home this Halloween by turning toilet paper rolls into ghoulish bowling pins. All you have to do is draw ghostly faces on ten rolls of toilet paper with a black sharpie. Then stack the toilet paper in a pyramid formation to act as bowling pins. To make a festive bowling ball, cut the stem off of a medium-sized pumpkin so it rolls smoothly. 


Witch Hat Ring Toss 

black witch hat on the ground surrounded by orange leaves

Credit: Monstera on Pexels

A pointy witch hat makes the perfect cone for a ring toss game. You can buy a witch hat or make one out of black construction paper. For the rings, grab a few glow necklaces from the store or cut a hole in the middle of some Halloween-themed paper plates. 


Outside Free-For-All / Mix-Up

father and kid outside playing ball

Credit: Anete Lusina

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get outside and be active with your family before the weather gets too cold. There are plenty of fun family games that can be played outside so pick your favorite or take turns choosing a game. Playing games like tag and freeze dance are great ways to get your kids moving and burn off excess energy from all that Halloween candy. If your backyard is big enough, you could even rent one of our inflatable obstacle courses as a special holiday treat for your kids. 


No matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday, we hope you get to spend some quality time with your kids and make lots of memories this Halloween! As always, the Jump City team wishes you and your family a fun time together.

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