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5 Tips To Throw The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a certified football fan or just a casual viewer, you’ve probably attended a Super Bowl party or more in the past. While the big game may be in Arizona, there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate the game with a big party. The Super Bowl shouldn’t be treated like any other football game day either – celebrate the Super Bowl in style and make your party the talk of your neighborhood.

From setting the stage to having the right entertainment, these 5 tips will help you throw the ultimate Super Bowl party!

1. Set The Stage

You could simply turn on your tv, set it to the game, and call it a day but these quick and easy additions could make your party feel larger than life!

Consider some simple add-ons to make your experience much more entertaining and immersive such as external speakers, a sound bar, or even LED lights behind your TV. For comfort, consider adding extra folding chairs, stools, ottomans, or even oversized throw pillows for people to sit and lounge before, during, and after the game.

If you’re in need of extra seating, we offer chairs and tables for rent for an affordable price.

2. Use Festive Decor

Make your party memorable with festive decor for the big game! You can go simple with football-themed napkins, plates, table clothes, and banners, or switch it up by adding some fun and unique DIY football decor. Don’t forget decorations outside your house so your guests know where to go and so you can represent your team to your neighbors.

3. Have Extra Football-Themed Entertainment & Games

No doubt the big game will provide enough entertainment on its own, but before and after the game and even during half-time, you and your guests may want other forms of entertainment (or ways to blow off steam or extra energy). Consider some of these family-friendly Super Bowl themed activities or one of the following fun sports inflatables!

Rent our Football Challenge inflatable sports game that has two lanes which allow for plenty of action and friendly competition. Also consider our World of Sports inflatable game which not only has an interactive football element but it also has other interactive sports activities like soccer, basketball, baseball, and a dart & frisbee portion. Both of these inflatables are safe for adults and kids!

Check out the rest of our collection of adult-safe inflatables (which are also safe for kids).

4. Serve The Right Drinks

In addition to your typical game day drinks (aka beer and soda) consider some non-alcoholic cocktails and punch recipes, or electrolyte or vitamin waters to stay hydrated and pumped!

For extra flair, consider themed drinks koozies that are decorated with either footballs, one of the teams playing in the game, or even your favorite football team if they didn’t make the finals.

5. Serve Festive Foods Potluck Style

Being solely responsible for feeding a big and excited crowd can feel daunting so we recommend doing a potluck style event where everyone brings something. You can make it a free-for-all and leave the food up for chance or we recommend making a theme. You can do something broad like football-themed or make it more specific like picking a team, giving everyone a specific color of food to bring or doing something random like a luau.

Need some ideas for your or guests, recommend these innovative football-shaped foods or these scrumptious themed snacks.

No matter who you’re rooting for, using these ultimate Super Bowl party tips, your party is sure to be a touchdown! Don’t forget to plan ahead and have a game plan (pun intended) for game day.

Whether for the big game or for another event in the Dallas area, at Jump City we’re here to provide top quality entertainment with our inflatable rentals. Contact us here or give us a call at (972) 539-5867 to get a FREE quote or ask about availability.

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