Inside Fun Winter Guide

The colder temperatures don’t have to put a damper on fun during the winter season! Our guide provides ample examples of fun that aren’t dependent on the weather outside. From DIY arctic slime to snowman bingo, this guide has everything you’ll need for indoor fun on a budget.

1. Sweet Snackin’

cinnamon cookie snowflakes

No two cinnamon sugar snowflakes are alike! Kids can create their own unique tasty treats with tortillas, melted butter and a dash of cinnamon sugar. Simply cut the tortillas as you would a paper snowflake and brush with butter and sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar. Ten minutes at 350 degrees later kids can enjoy their warm snowflakes while watching them fall outside.


2. Mini Winter Wonderland


These adorable winter terrariums are super easy to make and can be recreated from things found around the house (hint- that’s salt in the bottom of the jar!). If you live down south, you’re probably aware that the cold winter months don’t always involve snow– so create your own mini winter wonderland with the kiddos in your life!


3. DIY Reading Nook


This three-sided teepee is super easy to create, and creates the perfect environment for quiet time and reading on a cold winter day. Measurements can be altered slightly to fit any age group.


4. DIY Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder

These DIY bird feeders are a perfect way for kids to learn about the ecological world around them, even on a cold day. With a few cookie cutters and an assortment of nuts, kids can create bird feeders for the backyard and enjoy the sights of the birds in their area from inside the house.


5. Let it Snow


Down south we hardly see any snow. The temperatures in Texas are unpredictable, it could be in the 30s on Tuesday and 75 on Thursday. This DIY artificial snow is surely to be a treat for fellow Texans. It’s incredibly easy to make, and will keep children entertained indoors, despite whatever the temperature may be outside.

6. Break the Code

math activity

This multiplication code breaker combines fun and learning during the winter months. Don’t let kids forget their multiplication tables during winter break with this fun winter-themed game. (Hint- This game can also be altered for younger kids learning addition and subtraction!)


7. Arctic Slime


Glitter Slime will stimulate kiddos senses and keep them entertained despite the temperatures outside. Food coloring allows kids to choose whatever colors they please, including this wintery themed arctic slime. Best part of this slime? It’s easy to make, cheap, and all of the ingredients can be found around the house.


8. DIY Snowy Trees


These Snowy Trees are easy to create with a (free) template and some bubble wrap. It’s super cheap to create and parents will love the wintery mementos for years to come.


9. Snowman Bingo



Snowman Bingo is a great winter activity to play with kids when the weather outside is frightful. Simply print out this PDF and play! Young children will learn to match alike items and listening skills as you call out each piece. Use marshmallows or any food item to cover the spaces.


10. Indoor Snowball Fight


Snow is a rare sight for most Texans, so these pom pom snowballs are wonderful for an indoor snowball fight for the kiddos (and parents) down south! Best of all, these snowballs are easy to create and won’t leave your house damp after playing with them.

Prevent kids from bouncing off the walls during the wintery months with our winter guide to indoor fun. Stay warm and cozy while your kiddos enjoy the hours of endless fun this list entails!

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