Your Guide To A Spooktacular Halloween Party

Fall is finally upon us, which means cooler weather (or less-hot weather if you live in Texas) and fall festivities! Halloween parties are a staple during the month of October, and busy moms need a quick guide on how to create the perfect Halloween party that will put a smile on their little ghouls and goblins faces. From the snacks to the music, our eight-step guide will help you create the perfect “spooktacular” party, sure to be scary good for this upcoming Halloween.

  1. It’s All in the Details


Halloween Decorations are the essence of a great party. The perfect decorations set the mood and create the spooky ambience that every host strives for. Ditch the tacky cob-web and create beautiful and eerie decorations with a few household items. These bloody candles are super easy to make, a few white pillar candles and a deep red taper candle can create the perfect spooky décor for your party.

  1. Pick the Right Jams

Music sets the tone for the party, so picking the right tunes is imperative to complete your spooktacular Halloween party. Music streaming sites like Spotify have specific playlists, like the “Ultimate Halloween Playlist,” that features hours of kid friendly and parent-approved Halloween themed jams, perfect for your spooktacular Halloween party!

  1. Bring on the Snacks


Snacks don’t have to be boring. Say goodbye to chips and create the perfect Halloween snack at your next eerie soiree. You can create these ghoulish “witch fingers” in under fifteen minutes with some pretzel rods, green candy coating, and chocolate dipped almonds. Satisfying your guests’ taste-buds has never been so spooky yet so easy.

  1. DIY Halloween Backdrop


Capture beautiful photos by creating a DIY Halloween inspired backdrop! Create a mini photo booth with a piece of Halloween themed fabric from your local craft store and some festive fall decorations. Add your own personal touches and you’ll create the perfect setting for those Facebook worthy moments.

  1. Mocktail Hour


Kick soda to the curb and become a pro Halloween mixologist this fall. Create beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails that relish in the wonderful flavors of fall. Apple cider mocktails are the perfect fall beverage at your Halloween party. The combination of aromatic fragrances from the cinnamon and apple combine with the delightful lightness of the ginger ale make this a refreshing beverage to be enjoyed by people of all ages!

  1. Apple Bobbing


A fall staple, apple bobbing is a classic fall festivity. Fill a wide tub with water and a dozen apples. To keep the bobbing running smoothly, use small apples so children have an easier grip.

Pro tip: Keep towels on the ground to prevent wet knees after bobbing.

  1. Get Crafty


The best thing about crafts at parties, is that they keep children occupied and often times don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These Popsicle stick monsters are great because they use cheap craft items, a few Popsicle sticks, and basically any type of craft item you have lying around the house can be used for this craft. Your little monsters can create their own monsters with glitter, markers, paints, or whatever else you have available!


  1. Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth


Don’t forget the desserts! You’re only as strong as your weakest dessert on the desserts table. A good host has great desserts, an excellent host knows how to incorporate the theme into their desserts. These no-bake pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies are delicious, easy-to-make and work nicely at your next Halloween bash.

Halloween parties can often times be overwhelming, trying to coordinate costumes and fall functions can seem more like a hassle and less like a fun family activity. These eight steps will help you concoct the ideal ghostly gathering in no time for Halloween!

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