Delightful Unique Holidays To Celebrate This September

Just because the kids are back to school doesn’t mean the celebrations need to come to an end! Whether it’s a small family gathering or a fun after school activity, this guide provides a list to some of the highlights during the month of September! From chocolate milkshakes to making adorable hats, this list is full of great ideas to keep the fun going, even after summer has come to an end!

1. September 5th: Cheese Pizza Day


September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day, so what better way to celebrate than to throw a Build-Your-Own-Pizza Party! Set out the basic ingredients like marinara sauce, pepperoni, cheeses and veggies out in bowls for easy creation. Most grocery stores carry prepackaged dough, so set up takes less than 10 minutes. Bonus tips: Check the fridge for other ingredients like bacon or bell peppers to save time and money during prep!

2. September 12th: Chocolate Milkshake Day & National Video Games Day


Celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day right with the ultimate chocolate shake! Stuffed milkshakes are the latest sweet treat trend, so simply coat the top of the glass with marshmallow fluff and get creative! Oreos are a classic in milkshakes, but add bits of brownie to really take this shake to the extreme!


September 12th is also National Video Games Day, so warm up the Wii or Nintendo and throw your very own video game party! From Pac-Man themed cupcakes to piranha plant candy holders, this party brings virtual games to life.



3. September 13th: Fortune Cookie Day



Have a blast September 13th and celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day with these adorable DIY candy melt fortune cookies! Simply melt white (or any color of your choice) candy melts and dip each cookie into the mixture. Set to cool on parchment paper and garnish with sprinkles or edible glitter. These DIY treats are the perfect way to revamp a classic cookie!

4. September 15th: Make A Hat Day


September 15th is Make A Hat Day, and this balloon hat is adorable and super easy to recreate. Blow up a bunch of colorful mini-balloons and begin hot glueing them together to form a small bundle. Simply glue the bundle to any cheap headband and voila the hat is finished! Perfect for this holiday or any other celebration!

5. September 19th: International Talk Like A Pirate Day


International Talk Like A Pirate Day wouldn’t be complete without some pirate attire! To talk like a pirate simply drop the G’s and the V’s in your speech to talk like a pirate! Brush up on your pirate vocabulary with words like ‘Ahoy’, ‘Scallywag’ and ‘Swashbucklin’!

6. September 25th: National Comic Book Day


Celebrate National Comic Book Day on September 25th with these DIY comic book shoes! Simply choose a pair of shoes and cut out which comic stripes you want to use. Put Modge Podge on the outside of the shoe and place comic stripes wherever you please. Finally put a final layer of Modge Podge on top of the comic stripes to seal them into the shoe! These shoes are the perfect footwear for this special day and any other day of the year!

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