15 Insanely Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Let’s face it. From the hiring of caterers, to the choices in table arrangements and more, planning a wedding can become overwhelming and quite stressful. Ensuring a bridezilla-free breakdown, we thought we take a little bit off your load and share some creative ideas that could be used at your wedding reception.

1.Piñata Anniversary Guest Book

Throw out the traditional guest book and give them something fun . Have a Piñata Anniversary guest “book” instead. Have them write words of aspirations and advice where you and your groom can open up each anniversary.


2. Cootie Catchers

Let’s take you back to those grade school days where cooties and crushes were all the rave. Cootie catchers at each table will bring nostalgic touch to the reception. These quirky catchers will have your guest entertained while they wait for the wedding party to arrive.

3. Word Search Bar Napkins

Word search napkins for the bar make a great accent to your reception. You can customize your napkins to have cute words relating to the big day.


4. DIY Wedding Wheel

Who doesn’t love the Price is Right? Create your own wheel for the reception with quirky, love-inspired objectives for your guest to do.


5. DIY Life-Size Jenga

If you love the simple things in life, you might want to check out life-size Jenga for your outdoor festivities.


6. Hangover Helper Kits

When there’s a wedding, surely alcohol is to follow. Hangover helper kits are an awesomely clever party favor idea for your guest. Fill the bag with Gatorade, Tylenol, and coupons for those perfect breakfast spots that will help cure that pesky hangover.


7. Pick-A-Side-Buttons

Ever wonder which guests belongs to the bride or groom at the wedding. Use a Pick-a-Side Button that can be worn by wedding guest.  These can be a good conversation starters leading to questions about how and where they met the bride and groom.


8. Rent A Food Truck

Food Truck reception, dare we say more.


9. DIY Selfie Station

The popular rave these days are selfie grams. Set up a selfie station and designate a hashtag for your wedding that can be uploaded to a specific social media platform of your choice. If you want to go a little further with this idea, the company Snapchat offers geofilters at an affordable price allowing your friends and family to post their captured moments of your big day. #awesomeidea


10. DIY Kids Table

We don’t want to leave the kids out. Set up a kids table stocked with crayons.


11. Get The Video Games Out

Are you a gamer? Set up a place for a video game station and let loose with your partner.


12. Rent A Bounce House

Re-live your younger days with a bridal bounce house castle for those outdoor wedding receptions.


13. Hire A Caricaturist

Hire a caricaturist and designate a few hours of the night for your family and friends to get their caricatures done.


14. The Shoe Game

Play the Shoe Game. Here’s how it works: Once the food and dancing have dwindled down sit with your new spouse and trade each other shoes. Have someone ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relations (i.e.. “ Who said I love you first?”) After each question hold up the shoe that represents either you or your spouse.


15. DIY Balloon Canvas

Create a beautiful canvas by the help of your wedding guest. Set a canvas up where balloons are filled with paint. Have your guest try and pop the balloon with a dart. Once all the balloons are popped you will have a gorgeous work of art that you can set up in yall’s new home.


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