10 Ways to Make a Splash this Summer

Summer is heating up quick and it’s only supposed to get hotter. Kids and adults alike are going to be looking for a way to cool off. Everyone knows that on a hot summer day, the best way to escape the heat is to make a splash!
Whether it’s with literal water or through figurative fun, there’s no denying that summer relief is best achieved through refreshment. So, here are 10 ways to make a splash this summer:

1. Host a Water Balloon Fight

water balloons

Let out your inner-child as you fill the water balloons and plan to ambush your opponents. Whether you’re working as a team, or its every man for himself, this is a surefire way to make a splash this summer. Kids of all ages won’t be able to resist the allure of the classic water balloon fight!

2. Margarita Anyone?

red margarita

For adults, hosting a margarita party is a wonderful way to cool off pool-side, while barbequing, or because it’s Tuesday. Whether you’re more of a traditional, or strawberry margarita lover, this chilled concoction is perfect on a hot summer day. Virgin frozen margaritas are also a great way to make a splash this summer, adding a little age-appropriate chill to any gathering.

3. Ice Cream Social

Ice cream cones The Ice Cream Social is an old-school event that should be revitalized because it’s awesome. It’s a great way to make a splash while enjoying your favorite treat. Create an ice-cream bar, complete with multiple flavors and toppings and invite your friends. Decorations can be flavor-themed, or simply bright and cheerful. Either way, the nostalgia and reimagined, limitless design is sure to make a splash this summer.

4. Refreshing Fruit Buffet

colorful- fruit buffetOn a hot day, fruit can be an extremely enjoyable snack. Add a mix of friends and fun designs and it’s a refreshing memory in the making. Hosts have the option of utilizing color to their advantage, setting the stage simply, but elegantly or getting creative. The shark watermelon bowl is always a crowd pleaser, but frozen wine pops are a new sensation that is making a summertime splash.

5. Aloha Luau

Pineapples in the sand A luau is a perfect summertime event. Traditionally, it’s a celebration of summer but a luau can just as easily help party-goers escape the heat. Asking your guests to dawn a coconut bra and a grass skirt as they collect Hawaiian leis and sip cold, festive drinks is sure to be a splashing good time. Plus, you can add a little extra splash of fun with a limbo game and a bounce house for the kids to enjoy.

6. Movie Night

movie pop corn Movie nights are always a big hit. However, on a summer night, setting up a movie to watch, while intermittently stargazing is amazing. Depending on the audience, picking a summertime favorite for kids or adults, while enjoying time with friends can easily become a summer tradition. Additionally, setting up a popcorn flavor buffet is the perfect light snack for parties with all ages.

7. Classic Pool Party

Summer pool party The classic pool party is always a fan favorite because it’s the most literal way to make a splash this summer. Decorating the pool patio with bright colors and planning pool games is a great relief from the heat. If you’re planning a barbeque to accompany your pool party, the theme can easily shift into a picnic or gingham-patterned palooza!

8. Ocean Oasis

blue ocean

Creating an oceanic oasis offers a plethora of opportunities. For a kid’ party, the decorations can be fun and filled with friendly sea-creature decorations. For a fun adult party, anything from sand and sangrias to having the party on the beach (where allowed) is an option. However, if you’re looking for more of a formal party, the ocean oasis theme is sure to make a nautical splash. White, nautically designed place settings with delicate blue and green accents are sure to delight your guests. Plus, this theme can work as a dinner party, an afternoon social, or even a brunch…and who doesn’t like brunch at the beach?

9. Lobster Shanty

lobster summer food Summer is all about fun, family, and food. Hosting a lobster (or crab) shanty party is the perfect way incorporation of all three. All a host needs for this event is a few fold-out tables, some newspaper and a pot of fresh lobster or crab. The fun is in the unorthodox tradition of eating crabs and lobster. There’s not a true fork, knife or plate needed to enjoy this meal. Instead, visitors enjoy the festivities by digging in with their hands and some crab crackers, to receive a succulent treat and all you can eat! Then, once everyone has had their fill, get the hose and make your own summertime splash!

10. Carnival Party

carnival party hats

Creating a Carnival Party setting is not only fun, it’s an excellent way to make a splash and get . Reative this summer. This fun and festive theme is perfect for DIY masters, traditional party-planners and everyone in between. Set up carnival games in your backyard, as well as a wacky carnival menu. Make sure that snow cones, ice cream and, of course, cotton candy is a part of that menu. Plus, if this is a kid’s party, have a bounce house incorporated into the carnival scene as part of the wondrous festivities. To close, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat and make a splash this summer. Regardless of the guests or their fun-time preferences, there’s a theme for you. So, relax and refresh this summer, by using one of these splashtastic party ideas for your next get together!

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