10 Themes to Help You Spring into Party Mode!

Spring is the perfect time to have a party! The weather is warming up, an abundance of color is blossoming, giving a natural sense of excitement to the season and after a long winter, people are looking to get out of their house and spend some time making memories with friends.

So, to help you get those springtime party planning permeating, here are ten spring party themes that are sure to give your get-together roots to grow into a spectacular memory.

1. Garden Party










Gardening is a time-honored tradition throughout the spring. This annual custom is perfect for those in your crew who have a green thumb.

There two different ways to host a garden party:

Plant a Garden: Get a couple friends together, get a margarita mix and some healthy snacks for an afternoon of fun in the spring sun, preparing a garden for yourself or your friend. Not only is this an awesome reason to get your gal pals together, it is also a productive afternoon.

Potted Plant Craft Party: This could be done with a flat of colorful flowers and a few medium sized pots. Get an assortment of acrylic paint and create a potted garden that each of you can take home. Decorate your home or backyard in spring colors with gardening tools and serve fresh fruit salad, white wine sangria, and for dessert, if you’re feeling particularly earthy, serve a dirt cake, complete with gummy worms.(Pro Tip: Serve the sangria first!)

(P.S. This is also a great kids party idea. Swap the acrylic paint for something more kid-friendly and the sangria for fruit juice, at least for the kids. Plus, while they create, it can also be a teachable moment, while someone explains how plants grow.)

2. Pineapple Party










Pineapples are delicious. However, in addition to that, their bright and cheery nature is a unique theme for a spring party. If you look hard enough, pineapples are everywhere and whether you are hosting a children’s party, an adult soiree or something in-between, the pineapple is a diversified theme that is sure to be as fun or as fancy as you want it to be.

For food, have pineapples and things that go good with pineapples, ham, fruit salad, or burgers; (trust the Hawaiian burger for this. It may seem unconventional, but it will not disappoint!)

For drinks, a nice pineapple juice for the kids and pineapple wine for the adults is all you’ll need to make this theme a brilliant success.

3. Unicorn Ball










Whether you are throwing a party for children or adults, the unicorn is always a magical theme to make any party fun. The magic of the unicorn is always adorned with bright colors and rainbows, which are common in spring. Therefore, having your party outside, or transforming the inside of your home into a unicorn oasis is an adventure well-worth the effort. The unicorn party  can be decked out entirely with the magical creature, or simply hinted out with bright colors and lots of confetti.

Also, having a rainbow cake is also a must-have when hosting this theme.

4. Spring Brunch











Springtime is the perfect season for brunch. Having your girls over for some mimosas and breakfast food goes best with streaming sunlight and poolside fun. While it might still be too cold to go in the pool, a nice spring day is sure to set the mood for a decadent, delicious day of appreciating friendship, as well as the oncoming warmer weather.

The décor for this brunch could easily be a springy bouquet or another assortment of color that arouses the senses of the season, giving you and your friends a taste of what is to come.

5. Flower Power Party










Having a flower power party is a perfect way to ring in the spring season. Whether you are having a fun girl’s night or having a kid’s birthday party, this is a simple, yet effective theme that has plenty of different ways to make your party shine!

Getting flowers to put around the house, or as centerpieces is an effective way to decorate. Yet, for the crafty host, creating an origami rose for each of your guests is a unique keepsake that doubles as a placeholder.
When serving the food, embellish the dishes with pedals to make the meal extra-special.

6. Pastel Party










When people think of spring, one of the most noticeable themes throughout the season is the colors. Usually, pastel colors are the go-to for Spring fun, so having a pastel party makes sense. Pastels are happy, easy to find and fun to experiment with.

In addition to decorating in the colors, get creative and ask each guest to bring a pastel dish; like colored eggs, sherbet, guacamole dip, or an assortment of delicious desserts.

This fun, rewarding party theme can be for kids or adults, which brings out the spring spirit and influences everyone in attendance positively.

7. Bunny Party











This idea is more for a child, but it could be a unique party theme for the animal lover in your family. Whether you have real bunnies, or simply the décor, this could be a healthy and fun theme.

Of course, the food should be salads, lots of carrots and plenty of vegetables, while the games can be easily geared toward bunnies.

For instance, you could hide carrots all around the yard and have the kids find them, or you could have a relay race where you must hop. Or, for hours of entertainment, getting a bounce house for kids to hop around in would add to the healthy aspect of the party, while allowing the kids to have fun in the process.

8. Popsicle Party












This party theme idea can be planned out to a tee; resulting in something of an ice-cream social, or it can be thrown together in a pinch, to make a lasting memory. All you really need is popsicles and friends, but if you want to get more in-depth, getting popsicle themed décor is sure to result in a bright and cheery atmosphere.

Additionally, if you have a little bit of time, have guests make their own popsicles from a selection of juice that can be enjoyed together after everyone has a chance to make their creation.

9. Baseball Party



Spring is baseball season, so if you have a little athlete in the house (or a lot of fans who are eager to get their head in the game) having a baseball party would be a fun and exciting way to welcome the season.

The food, of course, could be hot dogs, hamburgers, crackerjacks, and other barbeque-type foods and the entertainment could be either watching a baseball game or playing baseball.

10. April Shower











Spring is a time for new life to sprout, so it is naturally a perfectly cheerful time to welcome a new baby. If you have a mother-to-be in your family or circle of friends, having an April Shower themed baby shower would be a memorable and cheeky idea. Taking place in April, it’s easy to remember, while the overall theme of the shower could be geared for either gender.

Depending on the weather, the shower can be held inside or outside, or both, if the venue has that option, with all the adorable, exciting attributes of a typical baby shower, but with a unique twist.

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