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10 Mother’s Day Party Ideas to Celebrate the Moms in Our Lives

Mothers are truly special people, who make our lives better, simply by being in them. A mother is the one person in the world that children can always count on and on Mother’s Day, there is no better way to show appreciation for such love and devotion, than by celebrating in a fun and unique way.

Here are 10 Mother’s Day party ideas that thank Mom for everything she does for her children every day of the year.

1. A Kids Cook Party

kids cook for mom party











A mother enjoys when her kids work together to create something wonderful, especially if it is in her honor. So, this year, have a Kids Cook party!

Whether this party is just for the family, or for a few different moms, have the kids cook dinner for the moms, to see what they come up with. (Of course, adult supervision is required if the kids are little.)
However, this is a great way to show appreciation, as well as encouraging the kids to be creative.

2. “Flamingle” Party

flamingle party for mothers day ideas











For the fashionista mom, having a “Flamingle” Party with all her friends is the perfect way to show mom how much you care.

This is a brightly colored party, with many flamingos, (obviously) but also a host of light, delicious, multi-colored dishes that can be enjoyed while basking in the sun.

Additionally, setting up a margarita bar for mom and her besties to unwind a little bit is a great way to show mom just how much you want to help her have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

3. Flower Power Brunch

brunch party for mothers day










Flowers are synonymous with Mother’s Day and therefore, having a Flower Power Mother’s Day brunch is a perfect way to show your mom how much you care. (Especially if breakfast is your mother’s favorite meal!) This party can be for just the family or hosted by the kids (and/or husbands), with mom’s besties.

The d├ęcor for the brunch will be flowers, with other Spring and brightly colored decorations, while the available food will be everything mom loves about brunch.

Break out the China tea set, make a delicious breakfast spread of all mom’s favorites, and when it’s all done, make it look as though nothing ever happened.

4. Party for Two

date night for mothers day












Life with kids can be hard. There is so much that needs to get done in the day, especially depending on how old the kids are, so it is extremely important for parents to have time to themselves.

With this party idea, have mom and her significant other have a date together, just the two of them. If the kids are older, they can arrange it, make dinner, and make everything special for mom. If they are younger, have them spend some time away from home and set up a romantic dinner for your wife, at your home.
Instead of going out, show her how much you appreciate all that she does by decorating your home and making her favorite meal.

5. Coffee Clutch


coffee party for mom










For the morning mommy, a coffee clutch party is a unique idea that will help mom to recharge and feel appreciated. Whether it’s mom and daughter time, or time spent with her best friends, getting your mom some coffee cake and other coffee-compatible pastries, in addition to her favorite coffee, of course, will make mom feel loved and appreciated.

6. Girls Day Party


girls day party for mom












This party is perfect for celebrating a group of moms who are always together. Get together a brunch, or finger food, that the girls can enjoy, along with music, and decorations of their choosing, while the kids are outside, being entertained by fathers, grandparents or friends.

This could work well for moms with little kids, especially if you get a bounce house and have entertainment for the kids, so that they let the moms have some time to enjoy themselves.

7. Spa Party

spa party for mom









Spa parties can bring moms right back to the high-school sleepover days. Again, whether it’s kids or significant others, moms can enjoy massages, manicures and pedicures, as well as a swim in the pool, if possible, while having light and refreshing snacks to enjoy.

Plus, if you decorate with a summertime drink bar and bright, inviting colors, or cool blues and greens, to make the scene serene, it will add to the ambiance and the fun!

8. Casino Night

casino party night for mom










A casino or poker night is always fun. This can be achieved by setting up games of chance, as well as mom’s favorite card games, to be played with her best friends.

In lieu of betting money, use Monopoly money (and endless supply, so that no one gets discouraged) and let mom and her friend win prizes, such as nail polish, gift cards, gift baskets and other fun accessories.

Plus, if you have mom’s favorite cocktail handy, this is sure to be a unique and thoughtful evening that she will remember for years to come.

9. Wine Party

wine party for mothers day











Many moms truly believe that if it wasn’t for the squashed, aged grape of happiness, they could not get through the wonders of motherhood. Therefore, embrace mom’s passion and create a wine party.

For food, have finger food, cheese and light snacks, as well as some cake and pastries, while mom and her friends play games and enjoy the company and bottomless wine glasses her family provides.

Mom is sure to feel appreciated and loved by the gesture of her family embracing her love of wine, finger food, and great friends.

10. Era Engagement

era costume party for mom









If your mom is the type who still enjoys all the energy that was present in a past era, this Mother’s Day, throw her an era engagement.

Have all the guests dress up from your mom’s favorite era, serve drinks that were popular then, serve food that was all the rage back then, and play the most influential music of the decade.
Then, when the night is winding down, play your mom’s favorite movie that came out in that time and help her relive her favorite memories from her favorite period.

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