10 Family Fun Spring Activities that will get the Whole Family Active

Technology has made active family time a challenge. Even though kids are still wonderous, curious and full of energy, that sense of imagination is sometimes hard to evoke. However, the best memories are often still made when families get together and participate in the activity. This Spring is the perfect time to get moving and engage activities the whole family can enjoy. Here are ten family fun spring activities that will help start moving the wheels of active, family fun.

1. Go for a Bike Ride

Bike rides never go out of style. This activity is perfect because it can be part of a larger activity, or it can encompass the whole experience. Visit a park with a bike path, ride around the neighborhood, or take a trip to a bike trail. Either way, this a natural, exciting and healthy way to get yourself and your family moving.

2. Be a Part of a Walk or Run for Charity

Being active for a cause is good all on its own, but when you involve your family, it is even better. Often, there are different categories for certain ages but creating a family team can be a profound opportunity to bond. Whether you are participating for someone you know or to dedicate your time to a cause, it’s a healthy outlet. Being part of something bigger and helping a cause, shows children that it feels good to help others.

3. Play a Game

Before technology, regardless of the weather, kids had games. Kids (and adults) still like to play games that are active, even if that is not something you generally do. There is no time to start, like the present. There are plenty of activities to take part in, inside and outside. If the weather is nice, play tag, start a basketball game, or throw a football around outside. If you must remain indoors, break out Twister or even, play a game of good old hide and seek. (You know you want to.)

4. Go on an Adventure

Not every adventure has to be done in epic, Indiana Jones style. There is always the possibility of an adventure. Go someplace you have never been before and explore. Whether this is another town, a park, or even a new store in your town, it can be a fun and active experience. Walking around and seeing new things opens families up to new experiences. That is always a plus.

5. Enjoy a Day at the Zoo

The zoo is always an educational and exciting experience. Zoos have so much to explore and springtime is the perfect time of the year to see it all. Plus, this is a great opportunity for families to share stories and fun facts about the animals they see. After all, the zoo is a universally fun experience that is always unique.

6. Visit a Botanical Garden

Spring is a great time to visit a Botanical Garden (or a flower show). Besides having a good walk and seeing beautiful flowers, families can learn about the wonders of nature. There are so many unique aspects to plants and flowers. Visiting a Botanical Garden or flower show is a good way to illustrate how differences help everyone grow and flourish.

7. Plant a Garden

Planting a garden and sharing the fruits of your labor is a great way to get the whole family active. Plus, it will help the kids learn a valuable skill that will last a lifetime. Gardening is not only a healthy, outdoor activity, it can also be extremely cathartic. However, the best part about it is that it is a goal that you and the rest of your family can accomplish together!

8. Have a Dance Party

Rainy days are no match for a good dance party. It doesn’t matter whether you are stuck inside, or you are having a picnic in the park, dancing is awesome. Dance parties are filled with activity, yet it just feels like fun. The entire family can get silly while dancing, or even learn a dance. Either way, this is a wonderful experience that the whole family will love.

9. Look for Treasure

Going on a treasure hunt is awesome. You can use a metal detector, explore your surroundings, or set up a treasure hunt yourself. Regardless of the treasure you seek, this experience can evoke the imagination and get the whole family excited. Plus, if you want to go a step further, make a craft out of the items you find. That way, you can remember the day fondly, every time you look at the finished piece of art.

10. Rent a Bounce House

Are you looking to spice up a family barbeque? Enjoy the great outdoors and add some quality entertainment for the kids. A bounce house is sure to expel some major levels of energy. Plus, it’s a fun and unique experience that everyone loves. Adding a bounce house to any occasion is the perfect way to add some family-fun activity. Bounce houses are affordable, exciting, and come in a host of themes to fit your needs.
Everyone leads busy lives. Yet, the most important time families can spend is quality time with one another. When families can have an adventure, taking part in an activity that gets you moving, the memory is even greater. After all, when your kids grow up, it is the special family activities they experienced that they will cherish.

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