10 Best Back to School Party Ideas

September means that time has come again, where all the kids are settled back in school. For kids, this means new teachers, opportunities, and friends. Yet, sometimes it’s difficult to get kids to understand the fun behind going back to school and meeting new people. That is why having a back to school party is such a great idea.

By putting new classmates in a fun environment, it is far more likely that they will get to know one another easier. This will help them make friends and garner confidence in the classroom. With these benefits in mind, here are ten of the best back to school party ideas.

1.Welcome Back Bash

A Welcome Back Bash can be hosted by a teacher, or the parents of a child. Kids can enjoy a sweet math treat, while playing games that help the students get to know one another. The goal of this party is to help kids get acquainted with one another and get them excited for the year ahead.

2. Back to School Book Swap

Many schools mandate summer reading for kids and the kids pick subjects they’re interested in. Unfortunately, after the book is read, most kids don’t talk about the book unless they are told to do so in an assignment. This party idea puts a different spin on reading, by helping kids find other books they enjoy after they are recommended by their peers. Having a Back to School Book Swap encourages kids to talk about books they have read with kids their own age and explain their thoughts on what they had to read in a social situation. This can be accompanied by adorable book décor and delicious snacks.

3. Cinema School Party

Host a movie night in the house, classroom, or back yard. Make sure there is popcorn, drinks and other cinema snacks to accompany the movie. The movie that schoolmates gather to see should be something entertaining, but school related. Here are a few examples:
• Harry Potter
• School of Rock
• High School Musical
• Diary of a Wimpy Kid
• Dead Poets Society
Of course, the movie that is shown depends on the age of the children attending. However, the goal with this party is to socialize and entertain the kids while promoting a school environment.

4. School Snack Social

For parents, getting unique and easy back to school snacks for kids can be a challenge. However, by hosting a School Snack Social, parents and kids can make new discoveries. Ask each attendant to bring their favorite snack to share. Then, set up a buffet of the snacks (with a few of your own) and allow the kids to enjoy. This will help them socialize and find new things that they like.
Safety Tip: Make sure there are no allergies present among the group of kids invited before the party. If there is an allergy, make parents aware that product will not be allowed at the party and why.

5. Party for a Purpose

There are many kids throughout the United States that have a difficult time getting the school supplies they need. Fortunately, there are many charities that help kids receive school supplies. Therefore, what better way to get to know classmates, then when all the kids are doing good for others? Hosting a party for a purpose is easy but it can mean a less stressful schoolyear for families in need. Simply ask each guest to bring school supplies (whatever they can afford) and donate the supplies to a back to school charity of your choice.

6. Back Yard Camping Party

September promotes excellent weather for camping in most areas. The weather is usually starting to cool down and being outside in the evening is enjoyable. Hosting a back-yard camping party can help kids get to know one another and share a fun, unique experience. S’mores should be a part of the menu, along with BBQ food and play camping games.

7. Back to School Brunch

Brunch is always fun, for people of all ages. Hosting a back to school brunch can get students and parents together to socialize. This is good for the parents to get to know other parents, as well, as encouraging classmate interaction. Make sure to have all the typical breakfast foods at brunch, including waffles, eggs, bacon, and other snacks that kids will enjoy.

8. After School Celebration

While most of these parties are best when hosted on or over the course of a weekend, having an after-school party is another option. This type of party, which takes place after school lets out for the day might fit better into classmates’ schedules. Plus, the timing for an after-school party can include snacks and dinner or it can wrap up before dinnertime.

9. Craft Time

Depending on the age group, hosting a craft party can really help create a bond between the students. Crafts are fun for any age, because if chosen right, it will encourage kids to use their imagination and showcase their talents. This is a good, no-pressure way to get the kids to communicate with one another and express their interests.

10. School Carnival Party

Carnivals are always fun, and a School Carnival Party is no exception. This helps kids find their inner drive for competition, while having fun and winning prizes. Getting together DIY carnival games is fun and easy. Whether you’re working on a throw the apple in the basket game, or an iconic ring toss, this party idea is always a crowd pleaser.
Plus, having a bounce house at your School Carnival Party offers a sense of realism, fun, and efficacy that is unparalleled.
In summation, hosting a back to school party is a great way to break the ice of the new schoolyear. It gives the kids a chance to get to know one another in a relaxed, fun environment. This promotes the kids to flourish with these new people, both socially and academically.

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