Dual Lane Slip N Slide

Bounce House Specifications:

  • Setup: Grass, Concrete
  • Space Required: 25′ x 45′
  • Outlet Required: 1 – 20 Amp
  • Weight Limit: 175 lbs per rider 
  • Safe for Children: Yes
  • Safe for Adults: No
  • Fire resistant: Yes
  • Lead free: Yes

Double Lane Water Slip n Slide

Inflatable Water Slide when kids want to enjoy a classic! Jump City’s Double Lane slip n slide has 2 full lanes adding a competitive component to this water slide rental. The second or dual lane on this slip n slide also allows for double the throughput at events, or birthday party rentals for children of all ages. The line for this refreshing party water slide rentals will move fast. Everyone will have MANY turns sliding down this slip N slide.


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